Advanced Web Deploy


The Deploy via Web (Advanced) provides an easy method to capture player picks online via the Internet for people with experience in working with web components. Here is how it works:

Step 1.
After entering your tournament options (scoring, tie breakers, etc.) and tournament pairings you are ready to deploy.

Step 2.
When you select Deploy via Web you will be taken to the Deploy via Web Wizard. This wizard will take you step by step through creating the necessary web components. Choose Advanced deployment.

Step 3.
The Deploy via Web Wizard will then generate an HTML page called “tournamententry.html” and store it locally on your PC in the folder you specify. This is the page that your players will use to enter their picks.

Step 4.
The Deploy via Web Wizard will also generate a script file either in Perl 5 or in ASP using VB Script that will be used to process the player picks and save the picks to a file on the web server. You will specify the name and location of the script file and data file during the wizard process.

Step 5.
You will then upload the HTML page to your web site for your players to access and also upload the script file to the appropriate location on the web server that allows files to be executed. You may also need to set the appropriate file attributes to make the file be executable.

Step 6.
Give your players the URL to this page on your web site. For example, where is the name of your web site.

Step 7.
Your players will then go to this web page where the entry sheet is displayed using their browser. Each player will navigate through the page entering their player information and making their game selections.

Step 8.
When they are done, they will select the “Submit Picks” button at the bottom of the page. This will save the player picks to the data file on your web server and will refresh the player’s page with their final selections. The data file will accumulate all the player picks.

Step 9.
When you are ready to process the picks simply download the data file from your web server to your local PC using ASCII transfer mode. Then select Remote…Load Web Picks from the Turbo Tourney menu and choose the file you just saved. This will start the “Load Web Picks” process.

Step 10.
Begin by selecting “Analyze Header” to verify the file information is correct. If it is ok you can then select “Start Import” to load the picks into your pool and you’re done.

Step 11.
If you are not using a Deadline, when the tournament begins you will need to remove the entry page so that players cannot continue to submit picks after the tournament has started.

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